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Hot Air Prelude

Have you ever though you'd fly away
into the great unknown?
The winds so strong
the clouds seemed to be calling
There's a feeling that I get whenever
stormy winds blow
That I climb so high with no fear of falling
Just pull the rope and smell the smoke
and hear the fiery sound
We're floating up,
High above the ground...

Lighter Than Air

CHORUS: Well we're lighter than air
And we can go anywhere
When the wind picks up we'll float away without a care
No need to stick around
When you're high off the ground
In this big balloon we'll go where
we can't be found

Well I can't get enough of the sound
When we cut the ropes
and the weights fall down to the ground up to
a blanket covered in blue
And the birds are singing along
No need for words
when you don't even know the song
let's go wherever the winds may blow
That's where we're gonna go


Paper Airplane

My sister found a piece of paper so large
She took it outside, she was in charge
She started folding that thing,
this way and that

We couldn't believe, believe our eyes
We'd never seen anything quite that size
My friends and I, we all fit right in

CHORUS: We took a ride on a paper airplane
Took a ride, all over the world

Little sis was at the controls
We shot right up, then did a barrel roll
We were spinning and twirling all round

We went up
We came down
We got down so low
and buzzed everyone on the ground


Over England, the pyramids too
We headed south to Timbuktu
Then we caught some wind
And we headed East

Got a call from ATC
Lunch is ready in your home city
Take her down for landing and see you inside



We just got a new kid
A new kid at school
He's a little bit different
But a lot a bit cool
He's not from around here
He's from real far away
He doesn't speak the language
But you really all should hear him say
His Penguinese, if you please, Penguinese
... Oh oh, speaking that Penguinese

Folks don't understand him
He don''t act like they do
Take one look in his lunchbox
And they give a big, "ewwww."
But he's a snappy dresser
Wears a tux everyday
He doesn't speak the language
But you really ought to hear him say his Penguinese,
Penguinese, if you please
... Oh oh, speaking that Penguinese

Now he's the best swimmer
in the whole town
There ain't no one faster
Nobody around
When he's underwater...
He really can fly
You should all get to know him
He's a really swell guy

If you see the new kid
You see him around
You should get to know him
And hang out with him on the playground
You can learn a lot
When folks do things a different way
He might not speak the language
But you really ought to hear him say his Penguinese

Head in the Clouds

CHORUS: Are you asleep, are you dreaming
I wonder what you're thinking about
Where did you go, are you leaving
I think you've got your head in the clouds

Do you see dinosaurs
Or cats in flying cars
Or portraits in talking picture frames
Or maybe you have found
A secret portal in the ground
That takes you far away but
It's all we can do to try to reach you


Maybe where you go
Everything is far below
And you look down to see what you can find
Inventing in your mind
New machines for humankind
But your homework isn't done and
It's all we can do to try to reach you
Yes it's all we can do to try to reach you
It's all we can do to try to reach you
Can you hear me now?

With so much on my plate
I tend to get bent out of shape
And worry that the working isn't done
But when I look at you
and the lens that you see through
My life could be more fun and
It's all I can do to try to join you
I said it's finally time to try to join you
I said all I can do is try to join you

Now I can see, all that you're dreaming
And finally I'm dreaming it too
I'll follow you above the ceiling
Now that I finally had my head in the clouds
Yes I finally had my head in the clouds
Just fly away with you in the clouds

Thunder and Lightning

Thunder and lightning
are very exciting
Sometimes when it's loud
it gets a little bit frightening
My dog gives a whimper,
jumps under the bed
He's down there hiding
with his paws on head

CHORUS: Hear that big ol' rumbling across the sky
Watch the night light up like the fourth of July

Thunder and lightning
are so very striking
The sky comes alive
and it's much to my liking
We gaze out the window,
the wonders we see
As the world lights up
with electricity


Thunder and lightning,
nature is writing
Lines that zig and zag
and zag and zig,
It's enticing

The sky is a canvas
for each lightning bolt
And when it's painted so lovely
it gives me a jolt


Hand Me Downs

CHORUS: Look at that kid
in the hand me downs
The hand me downs
Ain't that the way
Look at that kid
in the hand me downs
Alright, ain't that the way

Ooh... Don't bother dressing up
Unless you're dressing down
Now get your fashion backward,
And take it...
out on the town

Remember the time
When you were smaller than nothin
In the schoolyard running
Around in some shoes
That used to be your sister's
Til they gave her some blisters
You wore them well
Wore em on down
Til your toes popped out, toes...
You wore em well
And that's what being
#2, or #3 or 4 is all about

Remember the time
When back the school shopping
Was in the boxes in closets
What treasures you'd find
One after another
From your older brother
You wore em well
Those shirts
you were just about
swimming in, swimming in
You wore them well
Cause you knew where
all those shirts had always been

Well me I'm all grown up
But I've still got a nose
For some vintage clothes
Walk past the thrift store
And you'll see me in there
Trying to find some more

My Balloon

Look up and wonder
Where are you going to
My balloon
I lost my hold on you
So you're up
And wandering
Far away it's true
My balloon

Now you're higher than a tree
And there's no coming back to me
My… red.. balloon

You've sailed up into the blue
Can you see me waving up at you
My red balloon

Look up and wonder
Where are you going to
My balloon

Now you're just a tiny dot
Among huge clouds, a smallish spot
My red balloon

Look up and wonder
Where are you going to
My balloon

First Things First

Do you think that you're faster than me?
I'll race you around that tree
First one back this spot will win
Are you ready to begin?

On your marks...
Get set...
Go... run and run...

I must be some kind of cursed
Cause I've got this need to be first
Racing to the front of the line
Try to set a world record time

Speeding my way around
My legs, they move at the speed of sound

I'll race you over there
I'll race you over here
I'll race you super far
I'll race you super near
I'll race you to the door,
the car, the mailbox or the zoo
I'll race you any time or place
or way that we could do
Let's go and run and run...

I just can't seem to calm down
My feet hardly touch the ground
I must be filled up with sparks
Cause I'm always set, on my marks...

Speeding my way around
My legs, they move at the speed of sound

I'll race you down the street
I'll race you up the hill
I'll race you anywhere
Just don't make me stand still
I'll race you to the kitchen,
to the moon, or Timbuktu
I'll race you any time or place
or way that we could do
Let's go and run and run...

Carry a Tune

Carry a tune
Everywhere you go
A little melody
For traveling to and fro
Always at your side
Wherever you may be
Carry a tune
It makes good company

Carry your tune
Wherever you may roam
It won't weigh you down
It can lighten your load
When you're feeling low
And lift you off the ground

Carry your tune
Year after year
It can stand the test of time
You might even make
A friend or two
When you sing that little rhyme...

Get Your Ticket

CHORUS: Get your ticket, get your ticket
Get your ticket for the show
Come on get get with
And get your ticket
The stage is set, the lights are up
Come on let's go

For... the benefit of Mom and Dad
There will be a show tonight
In the living room
All the blankets and pillows
Have been placed with care
There's stuffed animals watching
From the dining room chairs
The show is in three acts
With a brief intermission
We'll serve you water in teacups
Turn your phones off and listen


For... the first act it's the yoga ball
Watch us roll around the room
Feet fly everywhere
On her bellies, we're rolling
All over the place
Try to stand on the ball
Don't hit the floor with your face
Next we're on our feet
Twirling and dancing
The music will begin
For some interpreting dancing

For... the last act we have lip-syncing
To Michael Jackson's greatest hits
We've practiced every word
We'll sing Beat It and Thriller
And That Girl is Mine
Everyone in the crowd
Will gave a really good time
Then we'll take our bows
Applause won't go to our heads
Will there be an encore
Or straight to our beds


What Do You See?

CHORUS: Tell me what do you see
When you look up at the clouds
What do you think that could be
When you look into that cloud

I almost see it's a dragon up there
And it looks like it's ready to fly
I reach right out and it's like I could grab it
But I know you're just in my mind and

I've got all day
To look at the world spinning my way
On the grass I can lay dreaming about you


Meanwhile that dragon is looking right down
And he's suddenly jumping for joy
He shakes his head 'cuz eyes might be fooling
But that looks almost like a boy

He's got all day
To look at the world
Spinning his way
In the clouds he can play dreaming about me

Well I was so surprised
when right in front of my eyes
Cloudy dragon came flying down
Right at me, what could he be?

To think that this creation of my imagination
Could pick me up and fly, all over town
Can't keep us down

With saddle made out of clouds
we're gonna get down
and fly high above the ground
This dragon can flap his cloudy wings
and he won't even make a sound

Well it would be real cool
to fly right over the school
And hover right over my old homeroom
And then we'll zoom

Wait till we see their faces
at cross country races
Flying at a winning pace
We'll get first place
Blast off to space

Blast past the zoo up to the moon
we'll be back for some lunch at noon
Blow through the drive thru
we will have time to party all afternoon

So when you stare at the sky
watching the clouds drift on by
And you think you saw something
Right up there
Up in the air

No need for second thinking as your eyes are blinking
Cause that thing that you'd swear just saw
He saw you too
He's watching you
He sees you too
He might see you

Morning Sun

Wake up and greet
Greet the morning
Morning sun


Look up my child
The day is wild
The wind will take us
Somewhere new

Oh, Lando

Have you grown apart from someone
you used to really know?
I had a friend just like that
a long, long time ago
Oh, His name was Lando
I hadn't seen him for a little while,
he took it kind of hard
Won the Millennium Falcon from him
in a game of cards
Oh no, Won it from Lando
Battle of Hoth and we had to take off so
That's where we'll go- and stay with Lando

I looked him up in the phonebook,
only name there of its kind
I need a place to chill out
with a couple friends of mine
On the go, So I called Lando

Said if you want to see Cloud City,
you can come by any time
Don't worry 'bout Lord Vader
'cause he ain't no friend of mine
He said so, That Lando

But after those asteroids
And this protocol droid
I cannot avoid that I'm
Getting annoyed with these guys
But we're staying alive
With hyperdrive (punch it Chewy!)

Land the Falcon there look at Lando's hair,
I can't believe we're suddenly together
He whisks away his cloak this ain't no joke,
Lando's looking like someone I've never seen
He said "I've just made a deal
to keep the Empire out of here forever."
And then the doors open up,
Darth Vader's there,
Lando looks like he used to be

So when I walked into the chamber
something didn't seem quite right
Next thing I knew
I was totally encased in Carbonite
Head to toe, Nowhere to go
Nowhere to turn
When you've got freezer burn
And when will I learn
To never ever trust this guy
That Lando, Oh Lando
Stuck in this mold
And staying real cold
But I'll never get old
So I got that goin for me it's nice
Thanks to Lando
Oh, Lando

Hot Air

I'm as red as a beet from my head to my toe
Calm down they all say but I can't let it go
Can't you tell? I'm ready to yell!

I'm like a grizzly bear with a really sore tooth
Or an army of wasps about to get loose
I've had enough, everybody back up!

Cause I'm filling with hot air,
I am just about to blow my top
Hot air, I am puffing up, about to POP

Like a firework, with a short fuse
I'm at my wit's end, I've got nothing to lose
Can't you see, I'm big as can be

I'm burning up inside
I could melt metal to ore
I'm like a big ball of gas
burning a hole in the floor

Stuck in this spot,
like a boiling hot pot
like a boiling hot pot

Cause I'm filling with hot air,
I am just about to blow my top
Hot air, I am puffing up, about to POP

I'm counting to ten
Try to calm down and then
Now I'm halfway there
Time for a breath of fresh...AIR!

Cause I'm filling with hot air,
I am just about to blow my top
Hot air, I am puffing up, about to...

Hot Air

All words, images, ideas and milk shooting from noses

©Recess Monkey LLC, 2015



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