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Vintage Comic Books



NEWSCASTER: "NEWS FLASH! In anytown America, a young child is embarking on a miraculous transformation! Watch and see as their powers multiply!"

I put my cape over my head, it's shimmery, sparkly and red
I am different when I have it on.
I fly 'cross my lawn

CHORUS: I go flying up into the blue
With a cape, it's so true

I'm stronger than a stormy breeze. I soar above all the trees
I am super! Still higher I fly, and climb through the sky


Now I'm now stranger when friends are in danger
I zoom on down
Out of the blue I will rescue you
And we're safe off the ground

NEWSCASTER: "This just in! Reports are streaming in now about a young child flying high above their neighborhood... It's astounding!"


Day Job

My dad wakes me up at exactly seven am
Use the bathroom, get dressed, and we're in the minivan
Chomping down our breakfast, drop my sister at daycare
I get so excited, 'cause I know we're almost there

CHORUS: Off to school, more than a day job
With my friends, more than a day job
So many things we can be, so many things we will see
Before the clock strikes three

I have superpowers I'm encouraged to reveal
And I do things that my teachers can't believe are real
I stretch my mind and body farther than they've been before
Pass snack out at record speeds and hold the heavy door

CHORUS: To recess, more than a day job
Rest and Read, more than a day job
So many things we can be, so many things we will see
Before the clock strikes three

Day, day job... more than a

And when I get home from school you know mom calls me her super kid
I lift heavy things like the laundry basket and find where stuffies are hid (SUPER STUFFIES!)
And on the weekend at the soccer game I use my bionic kick
To shoot and pass the soccer ball super duper quick


Covered in Band Aids

My little sister used to be strapped in tight
In a bucket swing at a comfortable height
(She was stuck on the sidelines)
She's gotten bigger and everything thing has changed
Her so called-playground life has never be the same
She's a risk-taking Superstar, a wonder-dynamo
Kickin' up woodchips watch her jump and go

CHORUS: She's the one, C-C-C-Covered in band aids
I can hardly see her face
Covered in band aids, band-aids all over the place

When we bundle up and head outside
She makes a b-line for the spinny-slide
Up to the top and over the edge
Across the big wall, she jumps off the ledge
Skips her way 'cross the monkeybars
Underdogs on the swings, then jumps off super far

BRIDGE: She's got a pink one, a red one, a gold and glittery one
There's a band-aid with a flag and we've only just begun
She's got three on her knee and one underneath her chin
And a mark up on her elbow where another one had been
There was the time last week where she tried to ride my bike
She needed at least four band-aids with that kitty that she likes
Five at the park, one at the zoo
Four more last week at school makes exactly 22



I'm searching for adventure, I'm headed down the road
To be a playground hero, it's a really heavy load
I'm bound to face some trouble, to feel my jumprope is at its' end
When things get kind of tricky, I need a buddy, a good friend

CHORUS: Yeah I'm looking for sidekick!
I really need sidekick, I'm really looking for a friend

We could build a motorbike, with a reinforced side car
Or design a super-copter, if we have to fly real far
The important thing is this, it just has to fit we two
And if you want to be the leader, I'll be the sidekick for you


We've kept the playground safe, from the spinners to the slide
The evildoers out there, have nowhere left to hide
Our class is lining up, the Justice League is having snack
But after math and Spanish, we'll be racing right on back


My Valentine

CHORUS: My Valentine, My Valentine
Sweet little red fish of mine, Valentine
Caught my heart on your line, My Valentine

Mom granted a wish that I could get a fish that day, Valentine's Day
Walked in the store, my jaw it hit the floor that day, Valentine's Day


Johnny Bregar piano solo!

Dean Jones trombone solo!

Valentine bubble solo!

Love you heart and soul, made your home inside a bowl
With jewels that sparkle and shine, My Valentine!
I'll feed you each day, blow you a kiss, when I'm on my way
Then pine for my sweet Valentine


Bravest Kid in the World

Today I was the bravest, the bravest, the bravest, the bravest, the bravest kid in the world
I faced my greatest enemy, we battled toe to toe
The elusive Dr. Fear, my arch nemesis and foe

I was at home, I had purple sharpie
And drew on our table accidentally-oh
When my dad approached, Fear held me down
I hardly could speak or utter a sound-oh
I felt like I might break, 'til I admitted my mistake

CHORUS: Then I was the Bravest Kid in the World
Braver than ever before

One time at school, my friend snuck from the playground
I followed along to where no one was around-oh
I said I have to go back, he said I won't be your friend
Fear tried to trap me in that lonely dead end-oh
In felt the courage in me grow to go let someone know


My greatest enemy lives in a hideout you can't see
Works invisibly, deep inside of me

One time I saw a watch down on the floor
I knew that I'd seen it on my good friend before-oh
Someone else grabbed it and hid it away
I wanted to help but what could I say-oh

What would you do, if it were up to you???

Could you be the bravest kid in the world?
It's not easy, believe me
But in you I see
The bravest, most courageous kid in the world

Your Favorite Book

I'm your favorite book

CHORUS: Pick me up when you need a friend
I'm tried and true from start to end
See my pages' floppy ears
Listening in year after year
I'm your favorite book

Yeah we've got history and it ain't no mystery
In your biography, it's been you and me
Like poetry, I've been so many things
I've been castles filled with queens and kings
Cows jumping moons and dinosaurs
I've been cats in hats and flying cars
My pages have worn out glue 'cause you love me and I love you too


Day by day, you turn the page and everything's okay
I've got you, you've got me
Another chapter in this story
Between each line you learn that everything will turn out fine



Toolbox, toolbox, I get to carry you
Toolbox, toolbox, wherever fixing must be done
You must weigh a half a ton

Toolbox, toolbox, we made a big birdhouse
Toolbox, toolbox, repaired the outlet near the stove
You are a treasure trove

CHORUS: I am a toolbox caddy, An apprentice to my daddy
Learning the trade One Sunday at a time

Toolbox, toolbox, there is a hammer in there
Toolbox, toolbox, the socket wrench is handy too
If you've got tightenin' to do.

Toolbox, toolbox, I found a rasp in there
Toolbox, toolbox, and all the drill bits tucked in rows
I love to hear them go


For my birthday, birthday I got my own toolbox
Filled it, filled it with lots of things from Lou's hardware
They really seem to know us there


Grandmom's House

Well it's Sunday afternoon, we'll be heading out real soon
Over the river and through the woods
For a playdate at Grammom's house alright

Grammom's House!

It's not really a house, it's an apartment
With about a hundred steps up to the summit
I know I'm not supposed to run
But racing up is fun at Grammom's house

She's got our photos 'bout the place, he loves to smooch my cherub face
We go for walks and have nice talks when I'm at Grammom's House
I've got a drawing table there with a just right sized chair
Special snacks for me, love so unconditionally at Grammom's house

Grammom's House!

I don't know what I'd do, what I'd do without you, my Grammom

Grandmother, Nanna, Nan, do you have an Oba-Chan?
Abuela, Nainai, Oma, a MeMaw in Oklahoma
YaYa, Tutu, Big Mom, Is she Grans, Grammy or a Mom Mom?
Babushka, Granma too, who are special gals to you?

Shout out! GRAND MOM!!!

We don't know what we'd do without you, our grammoms

Invisible Friend

There's a girl that's standing next to me
She's the kind of friend a little hard to see... clearly
(It was a mix of whiteout and some vanishing cream
And the dust from the erasers I went outside and was clapping
That gave me transparency)

An invisible friend

The leaves were crunching near me, Yeah I could tell
Then I knew her by the swing that seemed to swing itself
Oh oh oh, magically
(I called out and he whispered his name
I said that I was six and he told me he was the same age as me)

She's my invisible friend (I'm his invisible friend)

You're great at dodgeball (I use super-stealth)
But at gym it looks like I'm square dancing with myself

You've got ten secret powers (I use them magically)
With me you always agree
Two voices so united to fight all this grown-up tyranny
No matter what may come, it's you and me

You've snuck us cookies (Just a couple times)
A friend like you is not that easy to find naturally

She's my invisible friend (I'm his invisible friend)


Early Saturday mornin', half past seven am
Mom and Dad are still yawnin' but I'm all jiggle and jam
Saddle up at the counter bangin' on some pots and pans
I'm all set to get mixing, mama says, "Wash your hands!"

CHORUS: Flapjacks, can I have another, can I have another one please?

Big sis is setting the table, I help carry the plates
Mama's watching the griddle, bubbles all over the cakes
Flip, flip, flip, flip, the batch is almost done
Heat the syrup and cover up every one


Daddy's drinking his coffee, radio is up high
Mama goes out to the driveway to bring the paper inside
We dig in to our pancakes, shovel in all we can
If we're still feeling hungry, put some more in the pan

And when I'm in the mood for my favorite food,
Gotta make some pancakes!
F-L-A-P-J-A-C-K-S, With the butter on top!


Bunk Bed

I've moved way down the hallway to where life is so much better
Me and my little brother now share a double-decker

CHORUS: We're livin', we're livin' in a bunkbed
I just don't wanna bump my head

I climb right up the ladder to where the view is oh so sweet
Tucked in six feet high under my rocket sheet
Double check for my belongings before we both set sail
My flashlight and action figures stowed beside the rail


I call down to my brother but I can't hear a peep
I've got a brand new joke but he's fast asleep
So I stare up at the ceiling at every glow in the dark star
And wonder what it'd be like to own a flying car


Now ever since the day of the merger, me and my brother, we've had ups and downs.
Sometimes I like to be alone but it's so nice to have him around
It's good to know I've got a friend below
Happy, sad, lonely, he is the best company


Super Stuffies

I have an animal that's fluffy, a stuffy dog named Ruffy
His ears so brown and puffy, it's true
I bought a hand towel for a dollar and stuck it to his collar
It made him six feet taller, it's true
He leaped from the bunkbed and flew around my dazzled head
And then he stopped and said...
"I'm Super Stuffy!"

I took my super stuffy hero to my next door neighbor Nero
Said there's nothing more to fear-o for you..."
He placed a crocheted oven mitten 'round favorite stuffy kitten
He was suddenly quite smitten, it's true
And then there were two!
They took off from the floor and made a b-line for the door and then they stopped!
Two super stuffies

A super dog and super kitty, zooming across the whole city!
They flew!

NEWSCASTER: "And then, the Super Stuffies festooned with their Super Stuffy capes, took off from their neighborhood launching pad and flew all around town all the way to the elementary school... where they landed in our protagonists' cubby. Let's see what happens at school!

At 10 it was time to eat our snacks, we found our stuffies in our packs
We just couldn't put them back, it's true!
The super stuffies broke right through
We spied our teacher in the mirror, approaching ever nearer
To the stuffies it was clearer, it was true
They knew what to do!
They sprung right from our grasp and rocketed over the class
And then they stopped! Super Stuffies

NEWSCASTER: "And, that classroom teacher was befuddled as she spied around the classroom, tiny Super Stuffy heads appearing in each of her students' backpacks.

There was a giraffe wearing a dishrag! And a sea otter with a mitten pinned to its neck! A porpoise was wrapped in a baby blanket, and a panda wearing a bandana! There was a swordfish with a John Vanderslice t-shirt, and an orangutan with a paper towel clutched in its paw! A steam locomotive was wearing a sock! And of course, a Mayor Monkey puppet wearing a necktie!

And then, without warning, the super stuffy clan took off from its classroom perch and launched high into the sky over the elementary school, flying in an enormous V-formation! It was last seen somewhere over Poughkeepsie, looking across America for other Super Stuffies to join its flock.

And now, dear listener, it's your turn: Find your stuffed animal and find a cape, bring them together and let it fly! This is your field reporter from Monkeytown News, signing off.

Good night everyone, and good luck.

Flying (Reprise)

I found this cape on my bed, shimmering, sparkly and red
I felt different when I tried it on
I flew cross my lawn

I was flying up into the blue
With a cape oh so true

Stronger than a stormy breeze, I went above of the trees
I felt super
Still higher I flew, past a flight to Peru

And I was flying up into the blue
With a cape oh so true

Now... my son has a blanket that's red
He keeps it on top of my bed
He feels better when he has it near
There's nothing to fear

And we go flying up into the blue
With his cape oh so true

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