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And on a rainy day in Seattle, What are two kids to do
And on a rainy day in Seattle, I want to build a fort with you

CHORUS: There's a secret way in, That we climb through
Build it with me, I'll build it with you

Put all the cushions on the floor
I found Polly Pocket's missing shoe, and a dollar sixty-four
My sister Sadie Ruth designs a sturdy roof
And I build us a door


A castle, a rocket, A boat out on the sea
Our fort can be whatever you and I want it to be
Lots of giggles inside, It's a great place to hide
For my sis and me


Marshmallow Farm

Today is the day that our class sets away
On a super sweet adventure
One like I never imagined I'd go on before
Last fall we picked pumpkins, in spring we toured tulips
Great trips, no cause for alarm
Today is the day that we pack up and head to the

CHORUS: Marshmallow Farm oh whoa oh I wanna I wanna go

We pull off the road, we can't wait to unload
And spy the spectacular sight
Hundreds, no thousands of gigantic marshmallows
Arranged in brilliant white
Up into wagons piled with hay we bump and we bounce, it's such fun
In a minute or two, our hands frozen and blue
We arrive in the field and all run

Folks say money doesn't grow on trees
And there's no such thing as wonderbees
And a marshmallow farm is all fluff
But I just can't get enough. I want s'more!

Sack Lunch

I'm a little sack lunch short and stout
Your dad put me together, you take me out
On an adventure so very far away from school
I'm stuffed with a sandwich, chips and fruit
I wear a funky crumply light brown suit
I've got a juice box and a fudge brownie
And a smiley face written up in sharpie


At school you put me in a bin, bunches of lunches pile on in
I'm kind of squished, is somebody leaking in here?
I hear the kids play I spy, they sing a song
They get truck drivers to honk along
Where are we going, does anyone have a clue?
Gotta find my way, My way back to you

You're in the museum now and I'm stuck by the front desk
But I'll be here waiting when your adventure is through
I'll find my way back to you


There's a little octopus that lives beneath the ocean blue
When his friends get sad, he knows just what to do
He could lend an arm and that would feel pretty great
But he loves to tell a knock knock joke or two
He's a knock knock knock knock knock knock knocktopus

He's the class clown, loves to fool around
And add some goofing to each day
He's never out to hurt no one, being silly's just his way
Pick you up when you're down, make a smile from a frown
Whenever you're feeling blue
The knocktopus knows not to fuss, and has got some jokes for you

Knock, knock: Who's there?
Boo! Boo-hoo?
Oh, don't cry it's just a knock knock joke

Knock, knock: Who's there?
Tacoma! Tacoma who?
You got Tacoma your hair it's such a mess!

Knock knock: Who's there?
Topeka! Topeka who?
Topeka your nose or not topeka your nose, that is the question!

Knock knock: Who's there?
Banana! Banana who?...
Orange! Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say Banana?

Haven't Got a Pet Yet

CHORUS: Susie's got a pet, Johnny's got a pet
But I haven't got a pet yet

Gertrude's got a goldfish (a really-really wet pet)
Petunia has a poodle (fill its fur with your barrettes pet)
Tilly's got a turtle, everybody's got a pet now
Everybody's got a pet except me

Henrietta has a horse (put you in a lot of debt pet)
Silas has a snake of course (it's a garter don't you fret pet)
Belinda has a bunny and for me it's just not funny
Everybody's got a pet now Everybody's got a pet except me

Mother, Father, I present to you in PowerPoint
Reasons I need a dog…
I mean it, I'll clean it, I'll preen it
The best you ever seen it til I'm 113.
I'm up to the test, I'll do my best
I will not rest, on my pet quest
I'm sure that I can handle the routine
R-E-S-P-onsibility, find out what it means to me

New Shoes

I've got shoes for everyday wearing
I've got an old pair of soccer cleats too
I've got crocs, flip-flops, I've got black high tops
But I'm looking for something new… how 'bout you?

New Shoes

It feels so bittersweet heading out the shoe store door
With a new pair that's shiny and squeaky clean
And the old ones I wont wear anymore

Old shoes can be new ones, just head over to the thrift store
I just corralled a great pair of cowboy boots
Someone didn't need anymore
Now I'm gonna stomp all over the floor

And now it's time for the Velcro solo

Hot Chocolate

CHORUS: Hot, Ch Ch Chocolate!
Hot Chocolate, Ch Ch Chocolate

I can't wait till winter's here
It's my very favorite time of year
I jump around in circles, Rummage through my clothes
Bundle up in layers, can't wait till it snows


I'm dreaming of the sledding hill, Racing down with all our will
In a flash I jump on, my flyer hits the ground
I'm twisting and I'm turning at the speed of sound


I love to count down the days till December
Hot cocoa helps me remember
Wintertime's never too far away
I long for a day that's not long for a day
But we fill it in so many wonderful ways
And when snowflakes start falling I hope it all stays
And makes piles and piles and foot after foot And we'll sip

Ice Pack

CHORUS: Ay ay ay
Los icepacks Están ardiendo
Icepacks are cool so get them while they're hot
You can't protect yourself from every bump and bruise
And the one thing you can't refuse
To take away your pain and all your blues


Just the other day My sister fell
I hurried right away
On my tippy-toes for a pack Mom froze
To take away your woes with no delay

In a world,
Where a young boy or a young girl Falls off the swing on the playground There is… icepack.
One boy or one girl with one injury And one nice friend on the playground To take them inside and get the icepack

Tiny Telephone

When you're so far away
And I just want to say that I really miss you
There's a phone that's so small you can't see it at all
It's a tiny telephone

CHORUS: Tiny telephone, when you're not home

There's always a line from your heart to mine
It's a tiny telephone
No wires or spires or towers to power
No satellite dish to carry a wish between
Between me and you


It's a tiny telephone


CHORUS: Little insects crawling everywhere. Eww!
It ain't no crying shame to have bugs on you

I've seen you scratchin', I've seen you itch
You want to crawl way down in a ditch
Just the name makes calm people twitch
It seems so hair-raising
But your brother, cousin, your next door neighbor, the red-headed kid from soccer-all of them had lice too

It ain't no thing when lice land on you
There's no need for a new hairdo
Just grab a comb and tea tree shampoo
It seems so hair-raising
But your brother, cousin, your next door neighbor, the red-headed kid from soccer-all of them had lice too

Maybe you've had them, or maybe you haven't, but the lice are coming… GENERAL LOUSE!

The Teens

CHORUS: Something happens in the teens
They're mixed-up, crazy, and in between
Sometimes it seems so funny when I try to count to twenty
Something happens in the teens

11,12,14 I think I'm lost again
I'm sure I missed thirteen but then it's hard to say
I know I got to make it my own way

CHORUS 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
11,12,13 I think I got it then
Fourteen leads to eighteen and I'm way off track
I guess sometimes you stray away from the pack


Secret Agent Watch

Secret Agent Watch
Well it's the coolest thing I ever got, My secret agent watch

Saw it on the back of a box of oat crispies
For six dollars and some change and eighteen UPCs
Emptied my piggy bank, set the table every day
I earned enough, mom signed the form, and set it on its way

Secret Agent Watch (ooh I really want it)

When I got home from school I raced to look and see
Reached inside the mailbox
There was nothing there for me-nothing there for me
Twenty-seven weeks passed without a watch
But finally the day arrived it really was top notch

And I took the package up to my room and opened it up…
It was amazing! It's my secret agent watch!
Oh yeah the thing tells time, it's got a compass too, it's got a grappling hook, now I'm invisible, I fly around around the room,

It can make me big, It can make me small I'm so small! I'm gonna go under the couch Whoa! It's pretty cool down here. Oh well, I'm gonna be normal size again Where's that button? I can't find it! Mom!

Bubble Factory

Get on the bus, Get on the bus
To the bubble factory, The bubble factory
Get on the bus, Get on the bus with me

Went to the bubble factory
Saw the vats of bubble stew
It was the soapiest concoction of silver, gold, and blue
I got too close and got sucked in a tube

I got trapped inside a bubble
I was lifted off the ground
I drifted out the window
I floated over town
I spun around and around and around and round

My bubble went high
My bubble went low
My bubble went fast
My bubble went slow
My bubble floated everywhere I wanted to go

B to the ubble, ubble to the bubble
Double your bubble, It ain't no trouble
Bubble what, bubble who, Bubble I love you
Bubble bubble bubble, nothing you can't do
Said the b, to the u-b, to the b-l-e
I'm gonna spin like a bubble, floating fancy-free
Floating up, down, all around
Till my bubble gives a pop when it hits the ground

At the bubble factory

Centipede Pirate

CHORUS: Centipede Pirate Yo Ho!
Twenty-nine sea legs wants to make a hundred with pegs

The Centipede Pirate of the seven seas
A vain arthropod who shot vemon with ease
This swashbuckler's dream, a cool fifty pair
So he ordered his crew to find the legs that weren't there

Avast you termite sprogs! I be wantin' a new bounty! One hundred legs!


At the next port late, late at night
The crew went ashore and did something not right
The termites gnawed legs off every table and chair
The people awoke to a sight so unfair

The Centipede surveyed his booty, "Twenty-nine real legs plus seventy wooden peg legs equals… Ninety-nine? You failed me!"

And with the plunder a blunder, the Centipede Pirate ordered the first mate termite to walk the plank. At that moment a great mutiny began and the termites rose up to make a meal of the captain's peg legs.

Termites whittled each leg the best they could chew
The ungrateful Captain was very askew
His pegs were mere toothpicks, the termites all roared
The captain he wobbled and fell overboard

Firefly Lullaby

I want to take you darlin'
To see the firefly lullaby
They're flashing at you
Blinking at me
Singing their quiet
Night song
We can sing along
And float up on the wings
Of fireflies tonight

And everything will be alright

In Tents

All words, images, ideas and smooshed pb&js

©Recess Monkey LLC, 2009

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