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Coconut Radio

I built myself a roof out of leaves
And some branches that fell out of the trees
Tied it all together
Now it's warm in the chilly weather
But every night, when the sun goes down
It's very still and no one's around
I want to call out your name
You're very far and I am the very same

CHORUS: I'm listening to the music of a Coconut Radio
And you can sing along if you want to
I'm trying to reach you on a Coconut Radio
And you can build your own with a thing or two

First take a coconut off the ground
Split it open and listen to the sound
That it makes up to your ear
Now fill it up with unspecified electric gear
Turn the knob and you'll dive deep
Into the sunny music of the sea
The sway of the tall palm trees
Turn it up just as loud as you please

CHORUS: And you're listening to the music of a Coconut Radio
And you can sing along if you want to
I'm so happy that we reached you on your Coconut Radio
Now it's time to put on some tap shoes

We're listening to the music of the Coconut Radio
And you can sing along if you want to
We're so happy that we reached you on our Coconut Radio
And you can build your own if you want to
I said come along and join us in our zoo
I said you can dance along in your tap shoes
And you can sing along if you want to

Tallest Tree

Right out my back door, there is a tree
It is as big as big can be
With a maze of branches, it's like a ladder to the sky
I look at the trunk to find a spot
I put my foot upon that knot
Pull up with my arms and I'm climbing up so high

CHORUS: Up on the tallest tree in the neighborhood
The tallest tree you'd ever see
The tallest tree in the neighborhood
We can climb so high straight up to the sky

What will I find climbing this tree
Each step unlocks a mystery
I reach an old treehouse layered thick with moss
I turn the door handle the color of rust
Inside there are books covered in dust
But I keep moving up where discoveries await


I'm a hundred feet up off the ground
And I don't think I'm ever coming down
Now I'm a thousand from the ground
I can see for miles and miles and miles and miles around



You are a trailblazer, you can do anything
Built to amaze us, you make my heart just sing
You are a trailblazer, the course you'll set is new
You'll face your troubles, but there's no stopping you

CHORUS: Dream your dreams and you'll find your way around the world

You are a trailblazer, You're gonna find your path
You leap and you sing now and make us smile and laugh
You are a trailblazer, Your life will twist and turn
In so many ways now, so much that you will learn


You are a trailblazer, the road's a question mark
We'll help you pack love, you're always in our hearts


Hide and Seek

If you're gonna be, gonna be the seeker
When you count, don't be a peeker
To see where we have gone
Cause when we hide, it won't be long

Hide and Seek

I race 'cross the house to my favorite hiding spot
My secret place I've never once been caught
I squeeze myself in a ball
Try not to breathe, hear you call

Ready or not here I come

I can hear your footsteps coming up the hall
I try not to breathe try not move at all
Now you're walking right past me
Will today be the day
Will I finally get caught or will I get away

Hide and Seek

Long Gone

Hello, Can anybody hear me?
Somewhere across the blue sea, there's no one else in view
On this island, we're ringed by endless white sand
And on this bit of dry land, our dream is coming true

Well the ukulele's playin and the palm trees are all swayin to the beat
The salty air is blowin as the waves all gently lap upon our feet

Don't need a life boat, we have nowhere to go
Just static on the radio, it's only me and you
We'll climb a palm tree to see across the blue sea
And time will move more slowly, there's so much we can do

There's music in the coral and no reason to be formal on the beach
But when we're in the ocean, better keep the suntan lotion within reach

CHORUS: We're long gone, so withdrawn it's true
We're long gone, I'm lost at sea with you
It's a new dawn, this place we're on we two
When you're long gone, everything seems new

Dip Your Head beneath the sea
Choral Reef will sing in a major key
Seahorses will gallop by quickly
And up ahead in view
A glowing chest of silver and gold
In a coral cave so old
And all the pirate stories you've been told
Are true.
And all this magic and all this wonder
Lies just beneath the waves
And everytime I look around
I'm amazed


The temperature is risin', no boats on the horizon

The Hermit

8 crazy legs scuttle side-to-side
8 legs looking for some place to hide
8 legs climbing up a sandy hill
8 legs looking for a brand new shell
gotta find someplace to climb inside
gotta find something before low tide
he's gotta find someplace he can take great pride
gotta go find himself a sweet new ride

Here comes another red crawling crustacean
Just back on the beach after a week of vacation
She's feeling kinda cramped, needs to stretch her back legs
Needs to find a space where she can lay some eggs
Heading toward the water, she makes a friend
The same crazy crab gettin' ready for a swim
They decide to make up a caravan
to see if they meet another with the same plan

Third crab sees a big shell by the sea
Third crab's shell says "vacancy"
Just then come crab 1 and crab 2
And invite crab 3 to a move-in queue
It's time to trade up to a bigger shell
It's time to do it and to do it well
All three crabs line up in a chain
And start to shuffle to this refrain

One crab moves straight to the little
One crab moves from the little to the middle
One crab moves from the middle to the big
Big crab moves into shiny new digs

3 crabs scuttling side-to-side
3 crabs giving each other high fives
3 crabs tired from a hefty chore
3 crabs have room to grow some more

Pearls of Wisdom

Lately I've been pulled aside
Like I'm someone in which to confide
Lessons of like, knowledge so true
It's a lot for one kid to work through

CHORUS: Everybody's offering me pearls of wisdom
Hear them offer up their words of wisdom
I think I'm getting wiser everyday
With those funny things that people always say

My mamma says, to keep my chin up
I'm not sure what she means, but I'm sure she means pretty well
My sister says, to keep the cat in the bag
Well that sounds terrible, and we only have guinea pigs


My teacher says, we're all in the same boat
I guess he's got a point, I'm just not quite sure what it is
My uncle says, some days you're the pigeon, some days you're the statue
I try to smile at him, but I think he's kind of crazy

Pearls of wisdom, don't you bite off more than you can chew.

The Cave

There's a cave in the woods
There's a cave do we dare to go in

There could be some treasure hidden behind a rock
There could be some snakes that would be quite a shock
There could be a doorway to another dimension
There could be a bear can't you feel all the tension

There's a cave in the woods
There's a cave do we dare to go in

We could be peering at petroglyphs all over the wall
It's most certainly dark and I'll bet we will fall
Your sense of adventure is second to none
This spelunking venture is not the least bit fun
There's a cave in the woods
There's a cave do we dare to go in

Now, I think we've had enough excitement for today
This cave, while, full of possibilities,
Is very dark, probably home to a wild animal
Maybe it's just a pit that goes on forever
And, well, if we fall in we might break our backs
Or worse, get grounded

There's a cave in the woods
There's a cave do we dare to go in

My Treasure

I found you washed upon the shore
When I was only four
The smoothest piece of sea glass on the beach
I found you

My treasure
Carried you the whole way home
To my dresser
Where X can mark the spot
For all the special things I've got

I found you the day I skinned my knee
Right beside that tree
A little matchbox truck left behind
For me to find

My treasure
Drove you through the air right
To my dresser
Where X can mark the spot
For all the special things I've got

Yes I'm as rich as rich can be
Cause I just found an old penny
Yes I feel extremely wealthy
Cause I just found a shiny key

Getting a Sunburn

Summer is here, here again
I'll hide in my room until the end
I'm sun ineffcient, freckled you see
That orb in the sky's no friend to me

Gettin' a sunburn
All over my nose
Cover me up
From my head to my toes

Down at the shore, the weather's so nice
But I'm dressed up like it's cold as ice
I'm wearing a shirt, a big hat too
Smothered in sunscreen thick as glue

I'm gettin' a sunburn
All over my nose
Cover me up
From my head to my toes
I'm gettin' a sunburn
All over my nose
Cover me up
From my head to my toes

Round the Campfire

We finally reached the last days at Wacky Nut Farm
And every single camper is linked up arm to arm
It's hard to say goodbye when summer's at it's end
But tonight we'll sing loud and proud, each and every friend

CHORUS: We never got the prize for the cleanest cabin
And every lights out we were always blabbin'
Remember when the lake ate Nelson's shoe
Tomorrow we pack up, yes it's true
But tonight it's round' the campfire with you

The horseback trip on the ridge was so nice
But my steed had the trots, should have known, her name was Spice
I never caught a fish but hit bullseye at archery
When I show my ma my ribbon she'll be proud as proud can be


My compass skills are much better than before
And my cabin was undefeated playing tug of water
Drank too much bug juice, lost my lunch on the blow up rafts
Took it easy with some weaving with Ms. Bunch at Arts and Crafts


Dessert Island

I set out one evening, sailing in a dream
On a sea of fudge rippled ice cream
Through my spyglass, what did I see
An island so sweet, staring back at me

CHORUS: On Dessert Island
I landed on the shore
It was like a candy store
I ate and ate and ate
And ate some more
On Dessert Island
Come land upon the shore
Just like a candy store
You eat and eat and eat and eat
And eat some more

Climb golden hills made of sponge cake
And have a bite with every step that you take
Dirt made of brownies rocks of peppermint
And trees of licorice all twisted and bent


Ahhhhh... the pain that swallowed me
The great stomache ache of sweet destiny
This island changed me, I'm ragged and I'm worn
I shouldn't have had visited the field of candy corn

On Dessert Island
It's truly paradise
But you should just think twice before
Landing on the shore
Beauty has its price

Smooth Sailing

Yesterday, I didn't know what to do
I ran aground, My sailboat broke in two
Was all alone, With no one to talk to
'Til I found you

Next thing you know, You showed me where to go
Hidden paths, And caves that lurked below
Shook tall trees, And listened to radios
Watched the icy river, Water overflow

And I knew I had a friend in you
All the crazy little schemes we were up to
All of it under the skies of blue
Me and you

And what I find as I search the hidden places in my mind
Is that I needed a friend like you and you also were so inclined
We raced around the sun
And made all our fun with what was all around
And at the end of a day just like today in the ocean spray
We stay up all night and think of ways to celebrate
And the last words we say
Are that we hope tomorrow is like it was today

And it'll be Smooth sailing
All smooth sailing

And at first light we'll shake off all the night
Get out of bed and run into the light

Cause we know these days are sure to go
Then we'll sail away toward another shore
And we won't live on this island anymore

Years from now when our busy families can allow
We'll think about the things we did when it was you and me right now
These days will fade away
And this island might just sink into ground
We all grow old, our joints may start to ache when it gets cold
But the time I spent with you inside my memory I'll hold
And our kids will find an island of their own
And we'll watch them play

And it'll be smooth sailing
All smooth sailing

Desert Island Disc

All words, images, ideas and beach bonfires

©Recess Monkey LLC, 2013

Sandy Beach

Desert Island Disc

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