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THe final funktier

Moon Boots

CHORUS: Moon Boots, alright

Mama got me a pair of moon boots and I'm taking flight
Take flight in your moon boots alright

Mama got me a pair of moon boots
For playin' when it's cold outside
I love my new moon boots and I just can't let it hide
Well now, they keep my footsies cozy
When I'm out playin' in the snow
Sometimes I wear 'em when I got no place to go


I like to wear my moonboots when I pretend to be an astronaut
The couch is my rocket and the boosters are getting hot
I'm in blast off position
My moon boots perched above my head
The controls are lighting up in a flurry of green and red

10-9-8-7-6, 5-4-3-2-1
Let's have some fun


Jet Pack

In the morning I get out of bed to put a helmet on my head
Time for a quick bite before I'm taking flight
With my red… Jet! Pack!
I'm known up and down Maple Street
As the kid who can't stay on his feet
Just give me a shout, I'm ready to help out
With my red… Jet! Pack!

Oh whoa whoa, Up up I will go
Today there is nothing to keep me on down on the ground

I rescued a cat from a tree and threw down a purple Frisbee
Ms. Nelson's clothesline is now hanging just fine
Thanks to my… Jet! Pack!

Oh whoa whoa…

The scared boy at the top of the slide
Flown right down to his mommy's side
Just give me a shout, I'm ready to help out
With my red… Jet! Pack!

Oh whoa whoa…

I've got my J-E-T, P-A-C-K with me

Science Fair

CHORUS: Today is the Science Fair
They're coming by the hordes with their presentation boards
Today is the Science Fair

All the students in the first, second, and third grades
Are filling up the auditorium with the science projects that they made
Baking soda and vinegar volcanoes spew
We've got fungus among us, forces and motion and an insect petting zoo


I made a comet with a little help from Mom and Dad
Dry ice and water and some corn syrup, ammonia and a little sand
I can't wait to share my comet at school
Catch it moving wicked fast from solid to gas with a tail that's super cool


Jack: And we're back. Mrs. Flannigan's fourth grade Science competition.
Daron: Well uh last year we saw a lot of great volcanoes…
Jack: Oh just a minute there Chet, here comes our first entry, It's little Tommy O' Doyle's baking soda and vinegar volcano!
Daron: Just like I predicted.
Jack: And what's this? A troop of piano playing fleas?
Daron: Apparently they're very trainable.
Jack: Oh, but now here's fourth grader Sally Oglethorpe and her broccoli-powered bicycle!



Once a little UFO crashed in the sea
It landed near some islands named Hawaii
The alien got pulled down by the undertow
Toward a soothing sound from the rainbow reef below

It was a ukulele, little alien

A tiny humu-humu fish strummed happily
It snorted sand, "Let's start a band, Come play with me"

"I need a ukulele," Said the alien

The humu-humu-nuku-nuku apu'a
Had an extra at home made by her papa
They jammed together making waves and foamy foam
Then the alien started to miss its' home
The little fish made a fix on the UFO
Then set it on an underwater volcano

Take this ukulele, little alien!

Thank you said the alien, now please take care
The eruption shot the ship back the air

There goes the ukulele, Ukualien

My Brother is a Satellite

CHORUS: Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh,
Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra-Ra round he goes
My brother is a satellite

My little brother is three years younger than me
We're pulled together by some strong sibling gravity
Mom says his imitation is a form of adoration
I don't see the correlation, my brother is a satellite


Sometimes I like to have my best friend over
My brother tracks us like a Martian land rover
Follows us up the stairs and follows us down the stairs,
Sometimes just sits and stairs, my brother is a satellite


And when he's in my orbit I really can't ignore it
I'm sure there's bound to be a different trajectory for him
And if that day comes soon I might even miss My little moon
My Brother is a satellite


There was an old robot that swallowed a drum
I think I know why it swallowed that drum
It gobbled a drum straight in to its' tum
I got the feeling it had only begun

It was a Beatbox-a-Robot

It swallowed a snare right out of the air
Chomped it down without a care
Opened its' mouth gave me quite a scare
There was a drumming sound from way down in there

It was a Beatbox-a-Robot

It swallowed a hi-hat to add to the beat
This drum-chewing robot sure liked to eat
The hi-hat it hit on the one and the three
I felt a dance build up inside me

It still had room it added some boom
A big bass drum went in with a zoom
It opened its' mouth, all I could do was stare
I heard big bass, hi-hat and a snare

That old robot had room for more
The tom-toms from the rack and the floor
The cymbals went too, the ride and the crash
It's opened its' mouth with a deafening smash

Blips and beeps from the sampler nearby
Were gulped instantly, I saw it no lie!
Two turntables gone, a microphone too
Right down the hatch, here it's playing for you

It was a Beatbox-a-Robot


Summertime is here and we are headed to the beach
We'll leave our turf for sand and surf, It's almost within reach
We're packing up the minivan , dad says he's almost done
Just one more load and hit the road, we're soaking up some sun

Hey now everyone,
Here comes, he comes, here comes the sun

We pull out of the driveway to our family's favorite song
The one with all the sha-la-las, I love to sing along
The hours pass with tic tac toe and counting license plates
I think we've logged a million miles And thirty-seven states

The trip just melts away when pull up at the spot
It's everything I've dreamt about and wonderfully hot
I put my swimsuit on so I can dive into the sea
But first mom grabs the sun block and completely covers me

Dad takes me out wave jumping and I hold on oh so tight
I barely touch the bottom but I leap with all my might
We catch a rocket ride that carries us back To the shore
Just to paddle out again and jump and play some more

Whatcha gonna wear now? (-MayMo)
What you got in your pocket? (-The Harmonica Pocket)
I'm going outside but I can't find my… (-Caspar Babypants)
Whoops somebody sat right on my… (-Johnny Bregar)
I can't hear you (-Eric Ode)
It's cloudy but I still need my… (-The Not-Its!)
(Sniff) What's for dinner? (-Gustafer Yellowgold)

Space Elevator Music

JACK: Mayor Monkey. Is this an elevator in the middle of our album?
MAYOR MONKEY: Yeah, it is an elevator. A Space elevator!
JACK: Why is there an elevator here?
MAYOR MONKEY: It's an innovation! Taking people from the earth all the way to the stars! In 50 yrs, there'll be a space elevator in every home!
JACK: OK. But Maymo it's not 50 yrs from now. Ah, why is the Space Elevator in the middle of this album.
MAYOR MONKEY: Well I had an idea. You know it's going to be a long journey. They're going to need some soothing music along the way. They'll need some elevator music.No wait, they're gonna need some space…elevator music. And that, that's just what this is behind us.
JACK: Maymo, I don't really know about this.
MAYOR MONKEY: Ah, I worked on this while you guys were out in the studio. Ahh, I just played around on the keys a little bit. Oh yeah, pretty funky, huh-huh-ho! Well anyway, so I was thinking. You know as a new business adventure for Recess Monkey, you boys should play this kind of music, whadd'ya think?
JACK: Well I mean we just made this album. This Final Funktier, that… people are listening to right now. I, I, we're really not due for another album for at least three or four weeks.
MAYOR MONKEY: You don't need to make a… album. You're gonna play right here in the elevator!
JACK: Here? You, you want us to actually play here, in the elevator?
MAYOR MONKEY: Yeah! Live! Live music in an elevator! People will love it!
JACK: Mayor Monkey, it.. it's going to take at least 12 hrs to get all the way up into space.
MAYOR MONKEY: No, it's great! You'll love it. Hey, anyway you can live here too. It's pretty nice. Uh, I went ahead and rented out your rooms.
JACK: Wait! What,wha. You rented out our rooms? Are you kidding?
MAYOR MONKEY: You have this beautiful space elevator to live in now? It's gorgeous!
JACK: I can't believe you would do that without … Hey, hey Drew!
DREW: Yeah?
JACK: Drew, Mayor Monkey rented out our rooms!
DREW: What?
JACK: Yeah! Yeah, he said that he wants us to live in the Space Elevator!
DREW: He what?
JACK: I know!
DREW: Yeah whatever.
JACK: It's ridiculous!

The Galax Sea

Do you ever wonder what's on the other side of the galaxy?

CHORUS: Galaxy, Float on the galaxy
I'm getting lost just sailing across the galaxy

I dreamt a magic space boat
Filled it sails with interstellar stardust
Powder blue, Octane 392
I took off in a flash and out of view

To boldly go where no one's ever
I'll send photon-graphs and light-speed letters too
I'll send them to you
Warping time and space, a galactic racing crew


The Milky Way is like a river
When I zoom past it gives a shiver ooh
I'm sending ripples through
Great balls of fire, an astral flier's view


Do you ever wonder what's on the other side of the galaxy?

Booster Seat

I'm not a toddler, not any more
I'm 42 lbs and half past four
So much I do, all by myself
Getting dressed and reaching the top shelf

Booster Seat, I'm in the car now
Booster Seat, We're taking off now
Booster Rocket Rocket Booster seat

When I'm at school with all my crew
I'm always learning something that's new
I'm using scissors, not on my hair
Taking turns and playing fair

I like pretending I'm out in space
Blast from the Earth without a trace
Right off our driveway, up to a star
I know someday I'll go real far

How Do You Build a Robot?

How do you build a robot? I really want to know
A robot that can fly with eyes that glow
How do you build a robot? I'd like to understand
I've been checking out some books and drawing plans

CHORUS: My own robot that would be so cool
Flying all the way to school
All the things that we could play
We'll talk the robot way

I found a box of wires and six or seven springs
A flashlight and a jar of red sequins
I'm allowed to use the trashcan, the metal one that's in the yard
I'm attaching all the parts, it's not that hard


I really built a robot, it's taller than my dad
I'm finishing some work on its' launching pad

Constellation Conga

Every night, when the sky's a blackish hue
The constellation conga line comes through

I wish, wish upon a star so true
When the constellation conga line comes through
It's dancin through, through, through

A constellation is a section
Of the night sky's starry shapes
In view, a dragon and a big bear too
When the constellation conga line comes through

I wish, wish upon a star so true
When the constellation conga line comes through
It's dancin through, through, through

I see a dog star and a lion
Watch a winged horse come and go
There's a hunter named Orion
With a belt of three in a row

A constellation is a section
Of the night sky's starry shapes

Black Hole in My Room

There's a black hole in my room

There is a place somewhere in my space
Where things just disappear into a hole as black as can be
With a gripping, great, gobbling gravity
My black hole is a tiny spot of doom
Pulling in the stuff that's in my room
It's not misplaced, just eaten you see
By that gripping, great, gobbling gravity

There's a black hole in my room

Missing items have brought me to tears
A stuffy I ain't seen in years
15 lost socks, an old candy bar,
Half the homework I've gotten this year so far
So much I've lost, I'm feeling the shame
Mom thinks a messy room's to blame
But I swear. please beware, tread with care
Or you might find yourself fallin' way down in there

There's a black hole in my room

One Tiny Light

One tiny light twinkled in the sky with all its' might
One tiny light tapped upon my window late at night

I got up out of bed to hear what the star said
It whispered me the secret of the sky

One tiny light danced around my curtains, A wondrous flight
One tiny light landed on my floor and shone so bright

I got up out of bed to hear what the star said
It whispered me the secret of the sky

You spring to life so easily
You are the seed of the galaxy
You shine light inside of me

One tiny light landed on my floor and shone so bright

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